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Sun, Aug 07, 2016
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How long does it take you to call on Jesus
Sun, Jul 31, 2016
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Review: Jesus directly claims equality with God, and introduces the Jews to the concept of a multi-person God (Father and Son). Now Jesus demonstrates that He effortlessly wields power over matter and space. Refs Romans 4:1-8 Matt 23:1-33 Isaiah 53:1-10
Sun, Jul 24, 2016
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No ambiguity. Jesus states unequivically that He is God.
Sun, Jul 17, 2016
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Jesus > Religion Jesus is equal to the Father and mirrors the Father. Except in one thing. The Father has given all judgement to the Son.
Sun, Jul 10, 2016
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Jesus ignores the Sabbeth rules while demonstrating that He is Lord of the Sabbeth.
Sun, Jul 03, 2016
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Jesus attracts people to Himself by being Himself, God made flesh. By telling other people about Him the those who met Him preached the Gospel.