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Sun, Nov 25, 2018
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Jesus’ life & its events were prophesied. These are a few of them.
Sun, Nov 18, 2018
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The leaders of Israel had come to worship the Law rather than the Lawgiver. The Law was an idol, and they were idolators. They find again that arguing the Law with the Lawgiver is a losing proposition.
Sun, Nov 11, 2018
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Jewish leaders keep trying argue the Law with the Author of the law. Then he tells parables that show those leaders how they’ve rejected their God and how their own righteousness counts for nothing.
Sun, Oct 28, 2018
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Sun, Oct 21, 2018
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Getting into heaven isn’t easy. In fact, it’s impossible. Except through faith. Placed on Jesus, faith will accomplish miracles, including getting to heaven.
Sun, Oct 14, 2018
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Pharisees again try to argue the law with the lawgiver. He reminds them of the basics of the law.
Sun, Oct 07, 2018
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God does not tolerate sin. Some kinds He will punish very very harshly. Pretending it's actually OK won't help.
Sun, Sep 30, 2018
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Who is Jesus? This is fundamental. He casts out demons that his disciples can’t. He predicted Hs own death and resurrection. He uses a child to illustrate heaven. He gives hard warnings against sin. Better to be maimed than to miss out on heaven. He is God.
Sun, Sep 23, 2018
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The World (Satan controlling it) is competing with God so that you will live for the World and its counterfeit rewards. Jesus is the genuine article, and the real reward, and there is NOTHING more important than choosing the truth and the life.